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The Foundations of OBYB VOL


2 Old Vets and a Young(er) Buck

Back in 2020 I had retired from the Army and my family decided it was time for that move out of California that we had always wanted. After a few trips we decided that it was Idaho that we wanted to plant roots and raise our daughter on solid values that Idaho represents. We made out move to Star Idaho in late 2020 to a small house we were to rent until we found a house to buy. While we did our move in the middle of all the COVID scare we were certain that this was the right call. When we arrived and settled in we found out that every other family in the country had the same idea and found houses being built on top of houses and the population of Star exploding. That was ok…..I guess, what the hell do I know, I am an old retired fart that is mostly grumpy but still a loving father and husband.

So what do you need when you move into a new place? Internet of course! Must stay up with social media and the news, right? NO, it was not about getting in porn! Well, we called an internet company and low and behold this country looking fucker showed up and said, “Hi I’m Chris and I am with Sparklight” Me being the skeptical and cautious old dude though this is going to be quick and I can get back to my grumpy day. Well as Chris was installing, we started talking about me being a Vet and how Chris’s dad and uncle were also Vets from the Vietnam time frame. My wife is in the bedroom and told me later that it sounded like two buddies hanging out and was wondering if anything was getting done to get her internet up and running. AAs it turned out Chris would take Veterans out hunting and fishing as a way to thank them for their service and a way to honor his dad and uncle. He invited us to come over for Christmas dinner as we had nowhere to go and the house was yet to be unpacked with boxes everywhere. I have to admit I was a little reluctant to say yes but in the long run it was a good thing.

Along came Christmas day and with all the present opening done and the house looking like a disaster we headed out to Chris’s house. As we arrived at his place in Caldwell, I was surprised to see a large house sitting on numerous acres and thought this was an awesome place to hang out if Chris didn’t turn into a crazy person living out in Caldwell. We went to the door and meet Chris’s awesome wife, Tara and his two dogs. Later we got to meet the other family members, his two horses and one ve